Recycled Asphalt Benefits: Why To Consider It

3 January 2023
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Whether you're paving a commercial lot or your residential driveway, one of the choices that you need to make is whether you want new or recycled asphalt. There are benefits to both, and choosing the right one depends on several factors. Here are some of the things that you need to understand about why recycled asphalt is often such an ideal choice.

Unique Textures

If you have ever seen fresh asphalt applied, you're familiar with that even, smooth, black surface coating. Recycled asphalt, on the other hand, has a lighter, textured, more unique finish because of the various types of aggregate and debris that end up mixed into the recycled components. 

Environmental Benefits

Asphalt doesn't break down the way that some materials do, so it sits in landfills indefinitely. That is not a good thing for the environment. When you want to reduce your contributions to landfills, opting for recycled asphalt is a better option. Recycled asphalt keeps additional asphalt out of the landfill and puts it back to use in your application instead.

Strong Bonding

The additional aggregate that gets caught up in recycled asphalt makes the asphalt mixture bond stronger and become more durable. Your asphalt will set harder, which makes it stand up against wear and tear more effectively. This is ideal when the temperatures are not likely to reach extremes, but remember that your asphalt is likely to need a little more flexibility to withstand those shifts.

Permeable Surface

Recycled asphalt is often more permeable than fresh asphalt. The additional aggregate material in the asphalt creates greater drainage. This is ideal for environments that are prone to excess water flow, heavy rains, and flooding risks. Add a solid drainage structure beneath the asphalt surface for even greater support.


If you are looking for a new driveway surface but don't have a substantial budget, you should consider recycled asphalt instead of fresh for cost savings. Since recycled asphalt requires less time, energy, and manpower, it is usually more affordable than fresh asphalt. Talk with your contractor about the price difference to see if recycled asphalt might be the best solution for your budget.

There are many reasons to consider recycled asphalt instead of having new material applied. Whether you're paving your commercial parking lot or just your home's driveway, you should give consideration to recycled asphalt material first. Talk with your asphalt installation contractor today to explore some options — such as 3/4" recycled asphalt — and find the right solution.