3 Types Of Scrap Metal That Could Fetch You Top Dollar

16 September 2022
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Environmental conservation agencies encourage individuals and companies to recycle metals to reduce their carbon footprint. Recycling reduces the need for metal production, hence the reduced carbon footprint. For a homeowner, this also presents a chance to make money. The process is simple. You only need to take your scrap metal to the scrap metal recycling yard, and you are paid based on the weight of your scrap. However, scrap metal is priced differently. If you want to make more money from scrap metals, read on to learn different scrap metals that could fetch you a pretty penny. 

1. Copper 

Think of all the industries that use metal in their production. You will realize most of them use copper. Copper is a good conductor of heat and electricity. And it can easily be molded into various shapes. Even better, copper is durable and appealing. This makes it have high demand, meaning that scrap metal yards are willing to pay more for it. You could get even more if you have pure copper. Old motors, electrical wires, appliances, or piping have high copper content. It is definitely worth taking them to the scrap metal recycling center to see how much money you could make. 

2. Brass

You probably know something about recycling iron, aluminum, and copper, but brass could be entirely new. If someone tells you to take the brass in your garage to the scrap metal recycling center, your next question could be; how much is it worth? Well, brass could fetch you more money than your think. This is because it is highly resistant to rust and easy to cast. It is safe to say you have more brass than you need if you have old doorknobs, light fixtures, trophies, or plumbing fixtures. Take them to a reliable scrap metal recycling for quick money ASAP.

3. Silver

You cannot talk about scrap metals that could earn you a pretty penny without mentioning silver. Silver is so valuable that it is even traded in the stock markets. Look out for old or damaged antiques, jewelry, or silverware and take it to a scrap metal yard. You might be surprised at how much money is waiting for you.

After reading this post, you may realize you have some copper, brass, or silver in your home. That is money waiting to be put in your pocket. Take the scrap to a scrap metal recycling center. Besides getting paid, scrap metal recycling is a smart way to live green.