4 Recycling Solutions To Reduce Household Waste

24 January 2022
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Climate change is a pressing concern that affects everyone. You can do your part to protect the environment and slow climate change by engaging in recycling. Recycling solutions and services can make this task easier. These four recycling solutions can help you reduce your output of household waste:

1. Recycling Pickup Services

Many people are so busy that the idea of adding additional tasks to their daily routines can sound overwhelming. In light of this, many people are unwilling to drive to a recycling facility on a weekly basis. Fortunately, many recycling services will pick up your recyclables from your curb. Depending on your area, residential recycling may be handled by a municipal service or a private company. If you don't currently receive recycling pickup services, you can call a local recycling company to schedule it. 

2. Adequately Sized Recycling Bins

When you set out your trash for collection, you likely place it in an outdoor trash can designed for that purpose. Outdoor recycling bins exist for the same purpose. Many recycling pickup services require that clients bundle their recyclables in recycling bins for easy collection. A bin that's too small can discourage proper recycling. If you have a large household or a household that generates a substantial amount of waste, you may be able to request a larger recycling bin from your recycling service. An adequately sized recycling bin will enable you to recycle all the plastic, glass, and cardboard that your household generates.

3. Dual-Function Wastebaskets

Your recyclables must be separated from your regular trash. Most people don't want to spend time sorting through their garbage cans. You can make sorting your recyclables easy by purchasing dual-function wastebaskets for your house. These wastebaskets typically feature two compartments, one for trash destined for the landfill and the other for recyclable waste. This type of specialty trash can will simplify your recycling practice, so it's as easy and intuitive as possible.

4. Battery Recycling Services

Typical recycling services can process common household goods, such as plastic, cardboard, and glass. However, many people use disposable batteries on a daily basis. Batteries can power your remote controls, children's toys, electronics, and more. You should never throw away used batteries because they can leach toxic chemicals into the earth. Fortunately, battery recycling services can safely dispose of batteries. In addition to accepting small disposable batteries, battery recycling services can also recycle car batteries, laptop batteries, and other rechargeable batteries.

Contact a local recycling service to learn more about your recycling solution options.