Why Grease Trap Maintenance Is Important

30 March 2021
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If you run a restaurant or another business that deals with preparing and serving food, you should make sure that your grease trap is maintained regularly. Improper grease trap maintenance can lead to major problems that could put your whole operation in jeopardy. By understanding the importance of grease trap maintenance, you'll likely be willing to invest more time in keeping your business's grease trap up to standard.

No Stinky Smells

Regular maintenance of your grease trap can prevent stinky smells that will make your employees and customers want to run out of your business and never return. Grease and food particles that are left sitting in your grease trap for a prolonged period can cause your trap to emit odors that smell like rotten eggs. The unpleasant smells could even make some people feel sick if they have sensitive stomachs, so cleaning your grease trap regularly should be prioritized. 

Damage Prevention

Damage often occurs on grease traps that are maintained poorly. Acid can form inside of a grease trap that hasn't been cleaned in a long time, and this acid can corrode certain components of your grease trap. The resulting damage may even require you to replace your grease trap, which can be quite costly.

Safety Hazard Reduction

A dirty grease trap that hasn't been maintained can attract more germs that could make your employees and customers sick. Pests may also be likelier to invade your premises if your grease trap isn't cleaned and put all occupants in jeopardy. A poorly maintained grease trap that's overflowing could leave slick grease on your floor that creates slipping hazards that result in broken bones and other serious injuries.

No Backups

If you want to avoid backups from your grease trap, you should have it cleaned regularly. Failing to clean your grease trap can cause it to overflow because of backups that clog the line. Overflow from your grease trap can also damage nearby equipment, which may require expensive repairs or replacements to fix.

Good for the Environment

Maintaining your grease trap can even be good for the environment and help you run a greener business. The high accumulation of fats, oils, and greases (FOG) in grease traps can cause environmental hazards when they get into the sewers. Companies that provide grease recycling services can collect your grease for reuse so that it doesn't go to waste down the drain.

Grease trap maintenance should be a regular part of your business routine if you want to avoid major mishaps. Grease trap maintenance service and grease recycling professionals can work to make sure that your business's grease trap is always functioning at its best.