Copper Recycling: Why Pay The Most Attention To This Metal?

22 April 2020
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Copper recycling can be a great side gig for fun, or you can actually make a nice profit with this endeavor if you put in the effort. While you can recycle all kinds of metal, including stainless steel, gold, silver, aluminum, and other types of metals, sticking to copper as your main focus can prove to be profitable for you. Here are a few reasons why copper recycling should get the most attention for your recycling efforts.

Copper is worth the most

The main reason why copper recycling should get more of your attention is this: copper, is often worth more money than any other recycling metal. For example, copper wire can bring in around $2.00 per pound, while aluminum siding brings in perhaps just over $.30 per pound. Copper prices vary depending on what type of copper you're recycling, but as a whole, a metric ton of the metal is worth over $5,000.

Keep in mind that metal prices fluctuate on a daily basis. However, the average price of copper recycling is usually better than that of other more common metals.

Copper is more challenging to find

Copper is a metal that is most typically found inside appliances. For example, computers and other electronics have circuit boards that contain copper. Copper can be found inside the wiring of lamps, and other appliances that have electrical wiring. Copper is used in construction, copper tubing, transformers, and other equipment pieces.

If you want to get the most out of your copper recycling experience, you have to look at the places where you'll get the most of this metal. Consider looking at construction sites for metal to recycle, like tossed electrical wiring, copper roofing material, and other items.

Copper leads you to other metal

If you are seeking copper to recycle, what you'll find along the way is other metals. If you're willing to take large bulk items and tear them down to get the copper within, you'll be rewarded with other recyclable metals, like aluminum and stainless steel. Most metals are worth at least some money, so save all the scrap you find, even if copper is your primary resource for recycling.

Copper is worth the most per pound if you separate the copper from other less-profitable metals to prepare for recycling. Call every available scrapyard in your area when you have some copper to recycle, so you get the best rate for your daily haul. Every scrapyard has its own price for copper and other recyclable metals.