3 Tools Necessary When Recycling Scrap Metal As A Hobby

22 September 2018
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Collecting and recycling scrap metal as a side job can be lucrative and help you raise funding. Being able to recycle is also doing something positive for the environment at large so if you enjoy volunteering for causes, finding and recycling the metals can be a contribution. Regardless of the reasons you recycle scrap metal, you will need to take the same safety precautions when dealing with it. Here are some tools that you need to take with you when working on scrap metal recycling. 

1. Electricians gloves

A good pair of gloves is necessary when dealing with scrap metals. Metals can have sharp corners or rigged edges that you don't see until you get close to them. Wearing a thick pair of gloves will keep your hands safe. Instead of regular gloves, you should wear electrician gloves. Electrician gloves add an extra protective barrier because they protect from potential shock from wires that you may have to encounter. Put these gloves on before handling any metals and be sure that they offer enough range of finger motion so that you can adequately sort through scrap metal. 

2. Appropriate goggles and hard hat

Even if your scrap metal dealings is a car, you will still need to be careful when dealing with old metal objects. It is not uncommon for metal shavings and other items to fly off during removal of scrap metal. For this reason, you must protect your eyes. Bring along a pair of safety goggles with a tight strap so that they do not fall off or slide down during your activity. If you wear corrective lenses, try on the goggles with your glasses to know how they fit. Along with the goggles, you need to have an adequate hard hat to protect your head and neck in the event of a piece of metal falling or being tossed around. 

3. Metal file

If you want to know what kind of metal you have before you head down to the recycling plant, you should get a metal file. A metal file will allow you to file down pieces or metal or chip metal off in order to test the metal. Get to know the look, smell, hardness, and overall composition of more common metals if you plan to become a scrap metal recycler. You and anyone that you work with should carry a file with you in order to test out the metal and separate them before heading to the recycling plant.

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