Tips For Cleaning Up Scrap Metal In Your Yard

10 January 2018
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If you have a lot of scrap metal in your yard, then you want to have it removed as soon as you can. Leaving scrap metal around your yard doesn't only affect the look of your property, but it can also cause other issues. For example, it can pose a safety risk to pets, children and anyone else who goes near it while they are in the yard. It can also become a safe haven for critters that you may not want to be creating homes in your yard. This article will offer you tips on removing the scrap metal from your home, so you know what to do with it and how to remove it safely.

Gear up for the occasion

One of the things you wan to realize about scrap metal is it can be dangerous. Scrap metal can have a lot of shar edges that you can easily cut yourself while you are picking it up. Also, if you are picking it up on a warm day then it can become very hot, very quickly and this can cause you to get burned. You want to make sure you are wearing shoes with thick soles. You may even want to wear steel toe boots incase you happen to drop a heavy piece of scrap metal on your toes. You need to wear thick working gloves, so you won't cut or burn your hands. You should also wear long pants, so you can reduce the chances of cutting your legs on the metal. You don't want to wear very baggy clothing, or you may find yourself tripping on pieces or getting caught up on them.

Recycle the scrap metal

Contact a recycling center to find out what the procedure is for recycling metal. You want to know what different types of metal they take and what you have to do in order to prepare the metal. For example, you may have to remove any plastic or cloth pieces from pieces of metal that have these things on them. You may also have to separate the different types of metals. There may be some they won't accept, so you don't want to waste your time and energy toting those unacceptable pieces to the recycling center.

Find uses for some of the scrap metal

Before taking the metal down to be recycled, see if you may have another use for it. You may be able to use that old tire rim as an anchor for your child's tetherball by filling it with cement. You may be able to use that old pole as an extra post for your chicken wire garden fencing.

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