Cleaning Up An Inherited Home? What To Know About Using A Roll-Off Dumpster

1 June 2017
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Inheriting a home from a beloved family member is usually an emotional time, often resulting in happy memories and even a few tears while sorting through their personal possessions and furnishings. However, if the home was inhabited by a relative who suffered from a hoarding disorder, any tears of gratitude can quickly become tears of frustration as you realize the amount of work that must be done to empty the home. Handling a cleanup of this size is easiest when using a roll-off dumpster capable of handling a large volume of trash. If it is your first time using this type of dumpster, the following tips will help you use it to your best advantage: 

Decide where the dumpster should be located before it is delivered

Roll-off dumpsters must be located where the delivery truck can easily unload it without risking damage to their truck or any vehicles, landscaping or other items at the delivery site. It is also important to make sure the site where the dumpster will sit has firmly packed soil that drains well or a hard surface capable of supporting the weight without cracking, like concrete, packed gravel, or asphalt. 

When considering any location, make sure that it is convenient to the door of the home where the trash and other items being thrown away will be taken out of the home. Placing the dumpster as close as possible to the door of the home will shave off several steps through the course of the cleanup project, saving tremendous amounts of time and energy. 

Time the delivery to complement the planned time of usage

Roll-off dumpster rental services often experience periods of high demand, such as after damaging storms or during spring cleanup season. To make sure that your roll-off dumpster is available when you need it, remember to reserve it in advance and time the delivery to be just before the actual date when you will begin clearing out the home. 

Make sure all helpers understand what can and cannot be placed in the roll-off dumpster

Cleaning out a home that was once occupied by someone with a hoarding disorder can mean finding unusual items that may not be permissible to place in the roll off dumpster. In general, car batteries, liquid paint, oil, tires, chemicals, and flammable items generally cannot be placed in a dumpster. To make sure that you and any helpers you have fully understand what can and cannot be placed into the dumpster, ask the roll-off company for a complete list and place a copy of the list where it can be easily referred to during the cleanup process. 

For additional information, including dumping schedules and available sizes, contact a local roll-off dumpster provider like East Central Sanitation & Recycling.