How To Use Cardboard For Things Around Your House

4 February 2016
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If you have recently gone out into your garage and found yourself a bit surprised by the abundance of cardboard you have allowed to gather, then you may be able to reuse it in ways that serve helpful causes around your house. This will help you to get it out of the way and know that you are putting it to good use. Consider using some of that extra cardboard for some of the purposes listed in this article.

Protect your garage floor

Each time you park your car inside of the garage you take the chance that it will leak some oil. If the oil gets onto the garage floor, it can be difficult to clean it off completely. You can place a flat piece of cardboard on the garage floor in the area beneath the cars motor so it will catch any oil that does drip.

Cushion loud cupboards

If you have cupboards in your kitchen or bathroom that slam closed then you can use pieces of cardboard to quiet them down. Cut a small strip of cardboard and tape it to the inside of the door, right where the door hits against the wood of the frame. This will cause the door to shut quietly and since it is taped to the inside of the door you won't notice it is there.

Keep your sheets organized

If you find that you fold your sheets and carefully put them in the linen closet only to have them get smooshed and shoved into the back of the closet where they get wrinkled, you can use cardboard to prevent this from happening. Cut a square piece of cardboard that's about the size your sheets are when folded. Fold the sheet in half and the in half again. At this point, put the cardboard in the center and continue folding it around the cardboard piece. Now you can put it in the linen closet knowing it's going to stay folded.

Replace lost battery covers

If you have electronics that are missing the battery covers, you can tape appropriately sized pieces of cardboard over the spaces where the batteries are. The cardboard will hold the batteries in place to keep them from falling out on you.

Now that you know some of the ways cardboard can be used around the house, you can put it to good use instead of allowing it to pile up for no reason. You can also turn it in at places like Recycle-It Resource Recovery Recycling.